Monday, 24 August 2020

In Defence Of The Truth

When someone says "we need to rip out white supremacist groups by the roots" they are talking about an end to the free internet and an end to free debate. Also the white supremacists they speak of are mostly Qanon boomers and anti-lockdown protesters. The accusation of white supremacy against Qanon and anti-lockdown protesters is stupid, especially given that many fed-up Maoris support or follow these "movements". I'd sit at the pub and drink with a group of based Maoris from Northland before I even think of shaking hands with a politician or journalist.

Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Cancel Culture Has Gone Too Far

"Tracey then took up his case to a tribunal and insisted that he was fired on unfair grounds. While BP refinery said that the meme was “highly offensive and inappropriate,” Tracey argued that it was just plain humor and wasn’t done to offend anybody. The tribunal he appealed to ended up siding with BP and dismissed Tracey’s case.

But that did not stop the former employee, as he then ended up moving on to a federal court, which ultimately ruled that the meme was not necessarily equating the organization’s managers to Hitler and dismissing an employee on such grounds was unfair.

As he had endured a two-year long legal battle, Tracey was awarded $177,325 to compensate for his lost wages and bonuses, alongside another $24,070 for superannuation/pension payments."