Thursday, 9 March 2017

Why White Men And White Women Should Stick Together

Most people still believe what (((the media))) tells them to believe. We are lied to and told that all women should become greedy psychopaths, and squabble over corporate jobs, while men should be beta-cuck borderline queers who cheerlead the female psychopaths. The reason why national socialism is superior to feminism is because it respects the natural order. Feminists believe in total degeneracy. They believe they should wreck their fertility with (((birth control))) while inviting millions of combat age Muslim men to infiltrate Europe. This backwardness will be the death of white civilisation. There's nothing wrong with nationalism and keeping Europe as white as possible - without a nationalist resistance we will be dominated by third world populations. National socialism is a fair system that respects the natural order; feminism and socialism are both degenerate ideologies that lead to societal collapse. Just observe some of the fucked up behaviour that fem-tards exhibit. In this video you'll see a woman complaining about being "harassed" and followed by a red neck, because the silly woman though that it'd be a good idea to give the finger to this guy (freedom of speech, apparently). She is the one engaging in harassment. Apparently some so-called "women" (hint: not women in any sense) think that it's okay to yell and swear at random men on the street and try to create violence. Do we want mentally ill women to lead our nations?

You cannot have an ideology that is exclusively for one gender, and then put the most sociopathic females in control. The battle between white men and white women is instigated by (((the media))). Brainwashed liberal women had better wake the fuck up and admit that they're tools who bring ruin to western civilisation. If you watch the video you'll notice that feminists love to film themselves talking, they love to get attention. They will lie, cheat and steal to get attention. They go out of their way to create conflict but when they get their kuntz ripped then they cry like babies: "ohhh please officer, pleeeese don't protect the guy who I'm harassing, let me be a complete bitch and let me be above the law, pleeeeeease officer ... I'm a woooooooman!"

Many women who're possessed with psychopathic illnesses become feminists, because it gives them ample opportunity to manipulate the minds of other women, and by manipulating other women, feminists can harass men via that proxy.