Monday, 22 May 2017

On Pop Culture & Degenerate Rubbish

I'm tired of guys being led around by their dicks all the time. The media and pop "culture" is full of degenerate messages which target male sexual insecurities. The worst thing is the obsession with penis pills: come the fuck on, who needs a fucking pill full of cheap shit from asian countries, just to get a boner?

Another thing.

When I was in high school there was this psycho chick who had anti-social personality disorder: she'd worm her way into every social circle in the school, get all buddy-buddy with groups of people, and then let loose the shit-storm. She'd hang out with all the homos and then start attacking straight guys by calling them virgins. The goal it seems was to lower the self-esteem of impressionable males, so they could be manipulated and corrupted later. It seems this psycho chick really loves guys with huge egos too, she'll pump up their ego and suck them off in exchange for cash, free access to a car and free drinks at bars. Those guys thought they were getting a good deal, even as they were getting fleeced.

Even if her victims drive a shitty 80s car and live in a roach infested flat, at least they can pick up their easy girl each night and go up the hill for a blowy. She'll be cheating on all the guys so sucks off, but they don't even care, the thought of drinking another guys spunk probably appeals to them.

The psycho chick really hates me. It has been 11 years since I left high school and this creep will harass and follow me if she sees me in public. She targets me because I'm opposed to her being a manipulative psychopath: I'd rather crawl into a church than fuck a girl with anti-social personality disorder. I don't care about her insincere 'charms'. I know she's an evil bitch, and that any guy who falls for her is most likely unredeemable.

Back in the 70s and 80s there was a lot of degenerate behaviour but it's worse now, because guys will get on their knees and beg for pussy (and lose money and dignity for it). There's always a weird psycho chick who'll fuck all these guys. All you need is one morally debased slut and she can service a dozen different dicks each week. If you have a mental disorder that makes you manipulative and impulsive it really helps you take huge risks and dally with losers and degenerates, without ever comprehending the consequences.