Friday, 25 August 2017

I Feel 100% Justified For My Past Opinions

8-9 years ago I'm sure many people thought I was weird because I cared so much about American politics. Now everyone is talking about it but nobody gives me credit for being the first to see the reality of the situation. In 2008 I knew that America was a sick nation in decline, managed by thugs and criminals. I listened to the Alex Jones Show even though New Zealanders don't generally care about it. 8 years later Donald Trump appeared on The Alex Jones Show, and now he is President Trump. I warned other millennials about the situation in America but they wouldn't listen to me. Now all the liberal freaks I used to hang out with are bleating about Trump!

I told you idiots that America needed a revolution. Pressure was building and you knew it was going to burst, now it has happened, but it wasn't a communist "people's revolution" it was a right-wing patriot's revolution. I told you liberal idiots and you wouldn't listen. Liberals will never win in America, they will do their best to wreck American society but such agenda will always meet stiff resistance from the right-wing. Since liberals are pussies who hate firearms it means they will be at a disadvantage when the race war kicks off. Yes, I do believe there will be a race war because CNN is promoting it every single day.