Sunday, 6 August 2017

Roger Welsh & Feminism

Good times! I think this was December 2012, at the guitar society party. If anyone from the University of Canterbury reads this blog, please get me in touch with Roger. Tell him to add me on Google+ I want to talk with him about philosophy and politics!

[above] Roger looking at me while I riff ;-)

above: boi-friends 4 lyfe! haha. Someone grab the whips and spandex!
above: Me with my guitar

I tried to text and email Roger in 2014, I asked him if he'd finally got a degree (after spending 5 years at university) but I never got a response. I think our conversation on feminism is what killed the friendship. In December 2013 I went to a sleep-over with Cake Society and Roger had a slut in his lap. I asked him about it because I forgot the girl's name, so I asked Roger: "who was that pretty piece of ass in your lap at the sleep-over?" and I received a feminist sermon from Roger on how it is 'sexist' to call a girl a piece of ass, while simultaneously being "not sexist" to have that same girl in your lap when she isn't even a girlfriend (just a random slut!)

After this, Ashleigh Blair (who I knew from Trade Aid) started sniping at me via Roger by saying how sexist and evil I was, because of one tiny thing I said. Apparently though, it's acceptable for a woman to degrade herself: apparently it's okay for Ashleigh Blair to go to a bar and get homosexual men to shove their head between her breasts and then post the photos on Facebook. Really classy, Ashleigh. I'm sure you're the nice, honest type of woman who will one day marry and have dinner on the table each night when your husband comes home lol. I'm so sorry that I can't degrade women in the way that you degrade yourself :-)

I can't speak for other guys but there's no way that I'd ever marry a woman who dallies around with homosexuals. The trouble with that scenario is simple. If you're married to a woman who has heaps of 'gay' friends then the homosexual friends will be the support network, and it's inevitable that such a woman will go to her homosexual friends for support when she has trouble with her husband.

The weirdest part of my short-lived friendship with Roger Welsh was that he seemed to obey and defend every female he knew, even if they were casual acquaintances. It didn't matter if it was a girl, a woman or a chick, or hell, even a slut - Roger would be the white knight in shining armour. He would piously and courageously descend on any male who said even the smallest, non-consequential thing about a girl or a chick. Which brings this topic to the following image ...

The important thing that men (and Roger) must understand, is that 99% women like to be dominated, just not in a sexual or violent or 'corporate' way. When I talk about dominating a woman what I mean by that is 'soft-power'. Simple things like writing a love-letter. On the long-term I think it is extremely important for a woman to understand her husband's politics. Take fascists for example, fashy goys are always trying to 'redpill' their girlfriends, as seen below.

In conclusion, being a beta-cuck is no fun!
You need to learn to dominate women, Roger!
If you don't dominate her, then she will dominate you!
Happy hunting :D