Sunday, 17 September 2017

The Five Dysfunctions Of A Team

I've nearly finished this book and it's brilliant. It takes a while to get into it though. The best part is when the psychopath is fired, and the stories that come after it. There seem to be psychopaths everywhere these days. Fortunately they are easy to identify because they speak excessively well and they're always highly superficial. From my experience I find that psychopaths like to snipe at people, with small insults that are meant to erode the target's confidence. They are frequently manipulative and self-centred. They have no issue telling a lie or impersonating someone, in order to smear a rival, or to pose as the ultimate victim. In high school I knew a chick who had anti-social personality disorder*, and she would lie to people and claim that she was a Cashmere High student, when in fact she was at Riccarton High. She started telling lies from a very young age and she was also a nymphomaniac, which is common for psychopaths (and it doesn't apply only to the female psychopaths). The ASPD* thing will always exist, so long as we value money and boundless confidence and ego. When a person can't talk about his/her screw-ups, and understand why they happened, then that's a problem for the entire team.

In a past job I knew a chick who had ASPD and one time she lied that I had "talked to her about her breasts" - the best part was that after she finished her shift at 5:30, I could see her loitering around the truck yard, screwing up her face and telling other employees her big tall tale. I complained to my boss about this and then the psycho chick approached me in the staff room with a really quiet, charming voice: "oh hi Jeff, I'm reeeeally sorry if I offended you and I honestly didn't mean any harm to you, are we cool?" I said that I accepted her apology - only to get her off my back. In truth, I think she should have been thoroughly examined by a doctor. Who the hell makes up a lie of a salacious nature, and then spreads this lie about the other person, even though he works in a completely different building? I guess the fact that I didn't work with her made it easier to spread lies about me. If I was in her midst, she would have had her ass handed to her because I would have known which manager to lay a complain with. Finally, it would contradict my values to ask a woman about her tits; I am more interested in a woman's soul *wink*

There are probably other interpretations of The Five Dysfunctions Of A Team but the main thing that occurred to me was the issue of corporate psychopaths. They're the reason why I'd never want to be a manager. I say, let the evil fester until it collapses from its own poison! The world is full of evil, and corporations and greedy executives only exacerbate the existing evil. When the global financial system crashes down we will each have to answer for why we hung the noose around our necks. Greed and amoral financial instruments have a price, at least on the long term. Enjoy the decadence of the gravy train, while it lasts!